"RAIBUM" Terms & Conditions

The website with domains raibum.lv and raibum.com is managed by RAIBUM Ltd. (Reg. No.: 40203010380; legal address: Braila street 5, Riga, LV-1024, Latvia) – hereafter referred to as RAIBUM. These Terms and Conditions are subject to all product purchases ordered online. Please read through Terms and Conditions before each placement of an order, as RAIBUM reserves the right to change them.


RAIBUM offers personalized suitcases and travel accessories. In accordance with the product description RAIBUM undertakes to provide its delivery within the specified time and quantity.

Payment Options

There are two payment options for RAIBUM products:

  1. Online with VISA or MasterCard;
  2. Your online bank - performing the transaction manually based on the invoice received via e-mail.


Orders are processed only after the payment of invoice. Invoice is considered paid when the sum of the whole order is transferred to RAIBUM bank (Ltd. Swedbank) account. When the order is ready, it will be delivered by Latvijas Pasts that cooperates with Baltic Express in Lithuania and Estonia, and with EMS in the rest of Europe. Delivery costs depend on the product quantity and area of delivery. Precise delivery costs can be found at the order processing (basket) section on the RAIBUM website. Delivery is classified and possible in the following areas:

Area of delivery

Area includes

Approximate delivery time (working days)



Next working day


Rest of the country’s territory outside Riga

Next working day

Lithuania, Estonia

Lithuania, Estonia

Next working day

Europe Zone 1

Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden


Europe Zone 2

Belgium, Ireland, The Netherlands, Slovakia, Finland, Germany


Europe Zone 3

Austria, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Croatia, Rumania


Europe Zone 4

Italy, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Hungary


The option for the customer to choose the order fulfilment time can be found in RAIBUM website’s order processing (basket) section. When the order is ready, it is given to our delivery partner on the next working day, which is then considered as the reference point for the above indicated approximate delivery time.

Courier provides product delivery to the address given by the customer– straight to the doorstep. Upon arrival of the shipment, the customer is required to present a valid ID. The customer must not delay the courier for longer than 10 minutes.

Return in 14 days

Right of withdrawal can be used in 14 days starting from the day of product delivery. The usage of the product to test its type and features must be carried out to the limit as it would have been possible to do it in the shop. During the cancellation period the customer is responsible for the usage of the product and the decrease of its value, quality and safety. The product must be returned in its original packaging. Visible negligent usage traces, such as streaks on the suitcase shell, scratches on suitcase wheels, torn fabric, etc. are not allowed. To use the right of withdrawal, RAIBUM should be informed. The return will be compensated either in form of a new product or money. RAIBUM reimburses the customer for all payments of the order within 14 days starting from the day when the cancellation was received, except the sum that exceeds the basic delivery costs offered by the company. It is not possible to use the right of withdrawal if the purchased travel suitcase is made according to the buyer's instructions or the travel suitcase is clearly personalized.


Each of "RAIBUM” suitcase has a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty covers only defects in material and workmanship found in the suitcase and it provides reparation and/or replacement of this suitcase (in accordance with The Consumer Rights Protection Law in the Republic of Latvia). The warranty can be enforced only upon presentation of the invoice – given and dated by the seller when purchasing RAIBUM suitcase. The warranty does not apply if the suitcase is damaged by accident, by a drop to the ground, cosmetic damage (such as scratched material), through normal wear-and-tear, unreasonable use, exposure to extreme temperatures, solvents, (salt) water or any other cause, other than material and/or workmanship defects. The warranty is also voided in case of any modifications or unauthorized reparations to the suitcase. We wish to point out that damage incurred during transportation or travel is not covered by the warranty. Transportation damage must be reported to the airline, bus or rail company. This company is in principle liable for the damage incurred during the transportation or travel, and will have to accept and process the damage claim. Travel insurance often covers such damage as well. If RAIBUM suitcase becomes defective within the warranty term, please contact us by email, at info@raibum.com. All claim enquiries by email should be supported by photos of the problem, proof of purchase, and a brief description of the problem or complaint.

Privacy Policy

RAIBUM undertakes to protect the customer’s privacy and security. Personal data is data gathered by RAIBUM and provided by the customer with his/her consent to carry out terms of contract and to contact the customer. Acquired personal data may be used to inform the customer about RAIBUM news in case the customer has agreed to it during the order placement. A customer who does not want to be informed about RAIBUM news may cancel his/her subscription. RAIBUM performs all possible security measures to protect personal client data. While placing an order on RAIBUM website, all client’s personal data is confidential information, except cases mentioned in legislation. The customer is responsible for the reliability of his/her information when placing an order and agrees to not perform any actions against the security of RAIBUM website. RAIBUM will not sell, purchase, provide, modify or otherwise disclose account or transaction data or personal information about the cardholder, except at the request of Aquaieri, Visa / Mastercard Corporation or governmental authorities. Payments appear on the card statement as raibum.com or raibum.com – depending via which RAIBUM domain the order was made. SSL certificate is used for both raibum.lv and raibum.com domains.

Copyright of Uploaded Images

Upon uploading images to the RAIBUM suitcase personalisation tool, the customer takes on full responsibility for their copyright and confirms that he/she is the rightful owner of the image or has received permission of the rightful owner for its use.


Upon order placement with RAIBUM, the customer confirms that these terms and conditions are comprehensible and he/she commits to respect them, as well as follow any changes that may occur. In case of any questions and issues regarding RAIBUM terms and conditions, please contact us via info@raibum.lv or info@raibum.com – we will reply within 3 working days.